Friday, September 5, 2014

Canvas is coming!

Outstanding news!  Last night, the AISD Board of Trustees approved the adoption of Canvas, an innovative and robust learning management system (LMS) that will empower the work of both teachers and learners. 

Canvas (the product) by Instructure (the company) was recommended for adoption only after multiple rounds of evaluation and comparison with other industry-leading LMS products. 

What evaluators loved most about Canvas was its intuitive design, ease of use, and innovative and forward-thinking functionality.  It is clearly a tool that will help advance our efforts to provide learners with relevant, innovative, and rigorous learning experiences!

There will be a period now in which we work to integrate Canvas with our existing systems in order to ensure an easy work-flow for users.  Once the system is ready to launch, we’ll focus our initial efforts on supporting the innovators and early-adopters: teachers who can’t wait to utilize Canvas this year to:
  • Receive and grade student assignments, discussions, and quizzes with Speed Grader
  • Easily align assignments, quiz items, and rubrics to standards and/or learning targets
  • Utilize robust analytics to track student/class/course standards and targets-aligned data
  • Utilize web tools (like Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, etc.) all within the Canvas interface
  • Empower students to build eportfolios
  • Utilize mobile apps to instantaneously gather formative assessment data
  • Provide students with written, audio, or video feedback, peer-review and multiple revision/submission opportunities
  • Synthesize all work and course related events into one, drag-and-drop enabled, calendar
  • Push notifications to students with one click

Excited yet?  Canvas is coming . . .


  1. This is going to be great for our district! Thanks for your hard work on this, Steve Simpson!

  2. Jim, I'm paying it forward to all the individuals who played a role in the evaluation process. Thanks for everyone's work this summer!

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  4. Sounds great...would like to be an early adopter!!

  5. Kudos to you, Steve, and the evaluation team that is moving this project forward for our students and teachers! Great things are happening in the Instructional Technology Department!

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