Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ITD Summer Technology Classes

The Instructional Technology Department is pleased to announce that our summer courses are now available for registration in ERO. In addition to many individual classes, there are three multi-session academies that might be beneficial to you.

Click on the dates below to get more details about the individual sessions being offered in each of these academies. Slots will fill quickly, so register soon. Please show professional courtesy to others by registering for only those sessions you can attend.

You must be logged in to your AISD Google Account to view the schedules below. If you are unable to log in to your AISD Google account, please complete a help request at

Google Academy
28 individual sessions per day (most are 50 minutes)
June 24, times vary
June 25, times vary
June 26, times vary

19 individual sessions (most are 50 minutes)
July 10, times vary

Mobile Device Academy
30 individual sessions per day (all 50 minutes)
July 29, times vary
August 4, times vary

Other Technology Sessions
Many more sessions can be found by searching the "Technology" curriculum category within ERO.
A complete spreadsheet of the summer technology sessions can be found on the ITD Website!

We look forward to seeing you in training this summer!