Monday, May 12, 2014

Media Fair 2104 Best of Show

On April 28th, the Instructional Technology Department hosted their ninth annual Media Fair Showcase and Awards Ceremony. 208 medals were awarded to PK-12 students in for their technology projects in nine different categories ranging from Digital Video to Programming and Mobile Applications. From the submitted projects, one was chosen for the "Best of Show" award.

This year's Best of Show award is truly incredible. Ahmonza Gwynn's digital animation project, Beowulf: The Anglo-Saxon Hero, is truly a showcase of his absolutely incredible talent. To truly appreciate the project, keep this in mind:

  • The entire project was animated using Adobe Flash
  • Every graphic was digitally, hand-drawn with a mouse (no, not a a graphic tablet)
  • When he couldn't find any acceptable music to use, the student composed his own soundtrack using another application called Fruity Loops
  • The voice-over is his original work, recorded and altered using Audacity
This is true, raw talent- a story brought to life using amazing artistic and technical abilities. Enjoy!

Here is what educators are saying about Ahmonza's talent:

"Your work left me speechless. I'm still holding on to my seat waiting for more!" - Media Fair Judge

"Ahmonza epitomizes what is means to be a true artist. His ability to design, create and implement is absolutely amazing and like no other! It is without a doubt that Ahmonza will excel in his future artistic endeavors!" - Linh Nguyen, Coordinator of Art K-12/Journalism

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