Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guest Post by Kim Martinez: Tech Lesson Reflection

Lesson: Using Doodle Buddy to photograph a plant and then label it’s parts.

Intro: After a solid introduction on plants, their parts and their needs, by reading several books, a KWL chart, labeling the plant in large group, as well as the kids drawing and labeling in their own science journal, we did it with the iPADs.

Modeling iPad use-First we reminded ourselves of proper iPad use and care. I then, showed them the APP and modeled use if it-showing the ICONS for taking the picture, where to find the drawing/writing tools etc. I then modeled taking the picture and labeling it.

Doing it… My TA had to help me get the kids to Doodle Buddy, since the iPads have SO many APPS, it was difficult for them to find it.
Once we go the APP, it went pretty smoothly. Some of the kids did it right away, with ease, so I enlisted them to help the few that had a harder time. A few kids just couldn’t write with the drawing tool, so I differentiated by showing them the typing text tool and that worked great for them.  The kiddos that caught on quickly went on to draw pictures of plant life cycles and plant needs. I was happy to see them excited again and doing something new!

I will do more lessons like this in the future, but I think I will try to jump in more gradually--starting by “playing” in the app that we will use a time or two before we use it, so I have a fewer questions. I have to say I was pretty surprised at how well they did, despite this is truly the first time we had the Ipad cart for an actual project instead of just “free choice” game time. Now that I have wet my feet, I will attempt to go a little deeper the next time!

Below you can see some student samples.

The student above used the type tool, but it is hard to see in the photo.

This is one of my strugglers! And she did GREAT!!!


Kim Martinez
Kindergarten Teacher
Webb Elementary

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