Friday, May 16, 2014

Crouch Elementary: App Smashing with The Parts of a Plant

During a recent classroom visit to Ms. Leti Hernandez's Kindergarten classroom at Crouch Elementary, students were reviewing the parts of a plant. Students used the Doodle Buddy app to draw the parts of a plant and then used the app Shadow Puppets to record their understanding of what roll each part plays. During our time together, we were only able to finish projects from two of the groups. The students who were able to finish the activity then were able to teach the other students how to use the apps the next day.

Please enjoy a student sample.

Images were drawn using Doodle Buddy. PicCollage was used to create the collage for this post.

This was the students' first experience with recording their voices on the iPad so they were a little soft spoken, but they still wanted to share their projects.


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