Monday, April 7, 2014

Technology Fun at Larson Elementary

Larson Elementary third graders in Mrs. Long and Mrs. Casale's classes had fun reviewing vocabulary from Charlotte's Web using the iPad app, Doodle Buddy, and the website, Kahoot! Before I arrived, the teachers reviewed the vocabulary with the students and assigned each of them a word to work on during the Doodle Buddy part. It was so fun to watch the students explore Doodle Buddy and decide how to illustrate their words through a drawing or by uploading a picture they took with the iPad. Students then shared their vocabulary projects with the entire class as one final review before playing the review game on Kahoot!

Students continued using the iPads to answer the questions on the quiz I created on Kahoot! and showed that they had a good understanding of the words being reviewed. I enjoyed working with the teachers and students with this technology integration activity and cannot wait to visit them again. (One student has already suggested to his teacher that we do this every Friday!)

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