Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Guest Post: Author’s Purpose Slideshow Lesson Reflection

Author’s Purpose Slideshow Lesson Reflection

After reading two different selections on the musician Ray Charles, we had a class discussion on the author’s purpose of the selections. On was an autobiography and the other was a biography. We determined that the autobiography was written more to express and the biography more to inform. This lead to a discussion about the other purposes authors write.

I gave the students instruction on how to use google presentations and taught them how to share with each other. The task was to create a slideshow that highlighted each of the different purposes that authors write and provide five examples from things that we have read this year.

I felt that this was a really cool way to reinforce author’s purpose. I saw the kids really getting into creating their slides. I even heard someone say “ this is so fun.”

I learned so much from doing this and am already trying to find other ways to include similar projects in my class.

Greg Kramer
6th Grade Teacher
Crow Elementary

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