Friday, February 14, 2014

Math Teacher Leveraging Technology to Help Students and Parents

Chelsea Pearce, math teacher at Lamar High School, is using technology in some awesome ways to do what's best for students! Take a look at her blog at

She is using this blog to post announcements and tutorials for her students and their parents. She uses her document camera to record video of her working out assigned problems, complete with an audio narration. She then uploads that to her YouTube account and embeds the video on her blog. Here is one example:

By providing these videos, students can access and review the information presented in class. Often, parents are not available to help (or in the case of classes like Algebra I, parents themselves may need a refresher of the content). These videos, in conjunction with other resources, provide that extra help and clarification in a subject that is difficult for many students.

Chelsea has taken the technology resources available to her (Kidblog, document camera, YouTube, and most recently Kahoot!) and have leveraged them to impact learning. Thank you for what you do for our students- you are making a difference!

(All Arlington ISD teachers can get help with any of these resources by contacting the Instructional Technology Department)

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