Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Started with Chrome: 8 Chrome Ideas

1. Collaborate with Google Drive

Access your documents online or off! Use the research tools within google docs to find sources and cite. Use the commenting feature within Google to highlight and give suggestions. Have students create collaborative notes. Save and share to drive. Have student submit essays.  Create quizzes using google forms. Use spreadsheets to create graphs and compare data. Make the path towards paperless.

2. Narrable: Create slideshows with voice! (Not a chrome app but works in browser.)

No matter the content area, voice enabled slide shows add dimension to how students communicate their learning. Extremely cool for history presentations and even for communicating scientific or mathematical ideas. This is a tool that can easily be adapted depending on need.

Narrable is a web based application that allows users to collaboratively create digital stories using imagery and voice. As the teacher, you will need to sign up for a free account which will enable you to create accounts and classes for your students.

3. WeVideo (Individual is Free to publish for 480p video , Collaboration is a Paid feature) 

Students can create and edit video using images and video. Videos are made in the cloud and are accessible anywhere.

4. Magisto: Create a free video (Magisto is a Chrome app that allows offline editing too)

If you've used animoto, you'll love magisto. Unlike animoto, there is no teacher account required. Students will need to use at least one video but can mix with images.

5. ScanQR: Scan QR codes using the Chromebook Webcam

Place QR codes on an index card. Make QR puzzles and use the Chrome webcam to scan! ScanQR is an app in the chrome store!

Created using Daum equation editor
6. Daum Equation Editor

Create beautiful mathematical and scientific equations. Export images to drive and use in videos, documents and presentations

7. Access Discovery Education

Yes, you can access ALL Discovery Ed resources using a chromebook! Use Board Builder to create a digital poster of learning. Assign video sections. Access Discovery Ed Techbook. Download resources to use in other projects!

Looking for new ways to use Discovery Ed Resources? Check out this stream of strategies via the Discovery Ed Blog... Spotlight On Strategies

8. Add life to Presentations or Flip the Staff Meeting with Movenote

Incorporate documents from drive, images or presentations and create a video explaining your ideas. Administrators can use movenote to communicate announcements prior to staff meetings.

Movenote is also a great tool for students to use to tell their digital stories! Check out the student created video below

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