Monday, October 28, 2013

Cellular Organelles Geocaching

Recently, the Instructional Technology Department collaborated with seventh grade science teachers, Ms. McGovern & Mr. Granberry, at Gunn Jr. High. This activity centered around geocaching- the high-tech, treasure-hunting game that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Watch this video to learn more about the game/sport/hobby:

For this awesome science activity at Gunn JH, students used handheld GPS devices to find six geocaches hidden around campus. Each geocache contained items that somehow correlated to the function of the cellular organelle represented by that cache.

For example, one cache contained the following:

  • battery
  • empty bottle of 5-hour energy drink
  • miniature candy bars
Students were charged with the task of listing the items that were found in the cache, the organelle it represented, and the function of the organelle represented. In the above example, which organelle was represented? (for the answer, highlight the area below with your cursor to reveal the text):

This represented the mitochondria. The mitochondria is the "powerhouse" of the cell. Since these items all provide energy, this cache represents the mitochondria.

Students were challenged to find as many of the six caches as possible within the short time period. Students did a great job- and a few groups even found all six! 

As always, the Instructional Technology Department is ready to collaborate with teachers on any level, teaching any given curriculum!